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The KISS as avatars is a very interesting step for them. You know they will still be making a shit load of money off this, they are KISS after all. Gene Simmons wouldn’t let it happen otherwise. It looks pretty cool, just hope they don’t let AI write & record songs for them. Too bad Peter Criss & Ace Frehley aren’t involved or getting any money from it. It opens up all sort of possibilities for them without having to actually tour anymore, let’s face it they’re getting pretty fucking old. Too bad The Rolling Stones don’t get the hint!

This opens up the possibility of seeing a whole slew of older or defunct bands that people would definitely want to see again or for the first time. Can you say Led Zeppelin or Bob Marley & the Wailers?

There’s plenty of footage that could be used instead of scanning the actual performer. Not out of the realm of possibilities!

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Smart money says you're leaning towards naming "This Is Why" as your 2023 AOTY, and are testing the waters before hitting publish. :)

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