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Green Day really doesn’t care what the MAGATrumpers say! While I didn’t get to see them on New Years Eve, I’m sure they ROCKED! AND if they only changed that one phrase, those MAGAIdiots are lucky they didn’t slam them in the entire song!

Seeing as it’s somewhat of a protest song against Bush & the bullshit he pulled because of 9/11, the MAGAMorons shouldn’t be surprised or pissed off!

But I agree with Zappa, FUCK ‘EM!

I’m amazed there aren’t more songs directed at TraitorTrump or his minions/cult members. With all the outrageous & purely evil statements that spew from his mouth, there have been numerous opportunities to criticize the Man-Child & his policies!

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Hi Chris - a few of my favorites from 2023 include:

Slaid Cleaves - Together Through The Dark

Ingrid and the Ministers - Boofhead

Durand Jones - Wait Till I Get Over

Hataalii - Singing Into Darkness

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Aesop Rock - Integrated Technology Solutions

Slaves - Sugar Coated Bitter Truth

Cleo Sol - Rose in the Dark

'68 - Give one. Take one

Evreytime I die - Radical

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I'll be happy if you can release the playlists in Youtube Music also 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

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