Nina Simone couldn't fit in a genre category because her music was a genre unto itself.

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Another great edition, Chris. My three cents on Grammy moments - one good, one bad.

Good (okay, great). Joni. At 80, she gave that song a much deeper meaning and resonance than possible at 30. Every performer in the room should think about their legacy and longevity. #iconic

Bad (okay, 2x rude). Taylor - Pimping her upcoming album instead of showing gratitude AND THEN celebrating her 4x historical win by grabbing the Grammy from Celine Dion's hand like Celine was holding out a cup of water for a marathon runner. Dismissive and rude to a true icon and paragon of grace. Taylor has no idea what either grace, or suffering/loss really is. Go write another whiny pop song about breaking up with your umpteenth famous boyfriend. Let the true Divas rule. #notaswifty

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